11:11 Rose Quartz Palm Stone

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Rose Quartz is the stone of love; romantic love and universal love. Rose Quartz promotes a healthy self esteem and appearance, gives eagerness to greet each day, regenerates and revitalizes, sensitizes hearing to other and all of life, facilitates gentleness and emotional healing. It also releases stress and unites with the Divine.

Since ancient times, numbers have been believed to have energetic vibrations and power. The number 1 is thought to signify new beginnings, success and inspiration. 1111 is considered a Master Number and is thought to signify a message from the Universe, a sign that your Angels or Guides are near and listening, confirmation that you are aligned with your Soul’s purpose or is a sign of mounting synchronicities. Seeing the number(s) more than once, or many times, may be a sign that you should acknowledge. 

This awesome Rose Quartz palm stone is polished smooth and etched with 11:11. Perfect for meditating and drawing your Guides and Angles to you to hear your intentions with Love and understanding.

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