50 Hr Candle - Chakra Crown - C50S-CHAKCR

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The seven chakras are energy centers within the human body that connect to all its processes, from organ function to to the immune system and emotions. Seven chakras are positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and governs specific functions.

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra. Located at the top of the head, it gives us access to higher states of consciousness as we open to what is beyond our personal preoccupations and visions. The function of the Crown chakra is driven by consciousness and gets us in touch with the universal.

Purple candles are used for abundance, power, strength, happiness, balance and personal fulfillment. It is also used for legal issues and to overcome difficult problems. Purple also promotes business progress, power and spirituality and expands what you already have.

**Candles should be anointed with oil to magnify their effects and energy**

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