7 Day Candle - Orange Pullout

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Orange is an energetic, friendly, and joyful color that enhances relationships and social occasions. It aids communication and can help smooth over disagreements. If you are having trouble expressing your desires, collecting your thoughts, or concentrating, use this color. Orange can also be used when seeking success and favorable decisions, such as when job hunting. Orange resonates with the Sacral chakra, and can also increase one’s motivation, creativity, and sense of purpose.

Candle magic is a simple and intuitive form of sympathetic magic that helps to magnify your intentions and manifest your desires. Elements such as the color of the candle, how it is dressed, and the timing and intent with which the candle is lit allow you to personalize your candle ritual in a way that reflects and magnifies your desire.

Color is a form of vibrational energy that reflects and influences its environment, so choose a candle color that resonates with your intent.  

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