Agate Tea Light Holder

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Agate is often called “The Stabilizer” stone due to its superior ability to bring balance and ground energy. It vibrates with a lower, more gentle frequency than many stones and calls you to re-center and reconnect with the energy of the Earth. Agate is highly grounding and calming, and reduces anxiety, stress, panic, and fear. It can help you to identify what is truly important to you and can direct you to areas of your life where you may need to devote more or less energy. Agate helps to transmute karmic attachments from past lives and to find the will to replace unhealthy patterns. Additionally, it has been said to develop an emotional connection with a person that works with it.

This Agate Candleholder has a flat, polished top while the sides are rough stone. It is the perfect size for holding a tea light or a small votive or pillar. It would make a lovely addition to your home, altar, or meditation space.

Size: 4.5 inches

Natural stones may vary in shade/tint.

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