Amethyst Cylinder Rainbow Point- 10271

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Amethyst is a strong healing stone with cleansing powers that also relieves stress, fear, and anxiety. It uplifts perspective, promotes integration between our body and spirit, and decreases delusions. Amethyst also enhances meditation, protects against negative influences, aids with releasing old habits and patterns, and connects us with the Divine.

Rainbow Amethyst is natural Amethyst that has been treated using platinum, silver, and titanium to create its iridescent, rainbow sheen. Its beautiful shine and joyful colors are irresistibly uplifting and complement Amethyst’s natural properties of healing and positivity.

This Rainbow Amethyst is polished into a cylinder shape with a point at the top, directing its energy upward and outward. It is approximately 3 inches high. It would make a beautiful addition to your home, office, meditation space, or altar.

Size: 3 inches

Natural stones may vary in shade/tint.

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