Amethyst Palm Stone with Metatrons Cube

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Amethyst aids with the releasing of old habits, patterns and desires. It uplifts perspective, promotes integration with our spirit and decreases delusions. Amethyst also enhances meditation, protection, purification and Divine connection, aids with releasing addictions, and is a strong healing stone with cleansing powers.

Metatron’s Cube, or Merkaba, is a cross-cultural symbol. This design is considered to be sacred geometry, depicting the fundamental forms of space and time; and, is the visual expression of the connections of life that run through all sentient beings. In sacred geometry, Archangel Metatron, the angel of life, oversees the flow of energy in a mystical cube known as Metatron's Cube, which contains all of the geometric shapes in God's creation and represents the patterns that make up everything God has made.


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