Amethyst Pyramid

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Amethyst aids with the releasing of old habits, patterns and desires. It uplifts perspective, promotes integration with our spirit and decreases delusions. Amethyst also enhances meditation, protection, purification and Divine connection, aids with releasing addictions, and is a strong healing stone with cleansing powers.

Pyramids are a symbol for the integration of self-and soul. The base represents the physical body, the sides the journey of life and the point symbolizes union with one’s higher power. They are used to amplify and transform energies. Considered one of the strongest talismans on Earth, pyramids existed in numerous ancient cultures. They served as symbols of spiritual power, eternal life and cosmic energy.


Weight: .05 pounds
Height: 1 inches
Width: 1 inches
Length: 1 inches
Depth: 1 inches

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