7 Day Candle - Blue Pullout

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Blue is a highly protective color and can be used to cast protective energy or to guard against the evil eye. It also represents the interior world of the mind and subconscious, so it can be used for learning and psychic development, as well as emotional healing. Blue is creative, versatile, and represents open, expansive horizons, making it a good choice for travel or starting a new adventure. Finally, blue is associated with service, so use blue if your magic is intended to help or heal others. Dark blue resonates with the Third Eye chakra.

Candle magic is a simple and intuitive form of sympathetic magic that helps to magnify your intentions and manifest your desires. Elements such as the color of the candle, how it is dressed, and the timing and intent with which the candle is lit allow you to personalize your candle ritual in a way that reflects and magnifies your desire.

Color is a form of vibrational energy that reflects and influences its environment, so choose a candle color that resonates with your intent.  

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