Blue Calcite Palm Stone - BCP14

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Blue Calcite is a calming, soothing stone that calls to mind a blue sky dusted with delicate clouds. It encourages optimism, balances emotions, soothes nerves, and lessens anxiety, making it an excellent choice for those who have experienced emotional trauma.

Blue Calcite protects the aura from negative energies, instead absorbing them and transmuting them into higher vibrations. Corresponding with the Throat Chakra, it opens a channel of communication between your thoughts and feelings, and aids in the expression of both. It can also promote dreams that are more vivid and more easily understood and communicated by the conscious mind.

Blue Calcite stimulates creative and mental energies, aid memory, and enhance insight. It is a useful stone during times of adjustment, as it eases one away from outdated patterns of thought or behavior that no longer serve the higher self. Reach for this smooth Blue Calcite palm stone whenever you need its relaxing yet protective energies.

Size: 2.5 inches

Natural stones may vary in shade/tint.

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