Mala Necklace - Fertility

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The Mala of Fertility is where we open ourselves to host the divine. We are invited by creation to be the mother protector of all we come in contact with. We must be willing to be the companion of the new life we are welcoming in.

This does not always mean a child. It can also pertain to a new beginning where we are required to nurture and to feed a burgeoning project or group. Therefore, this is the piece that opens us to a delicious new birthplace for our desires; whatever they may be. This will open the window to the divine spirit as well. The three pearls signify you, your mate and the divine spirit entering your world.

If you are using this for another purpose than conception of a child, then modify the suggestions to your preferences. It's more important that you choose the piece that calls to you than that you ignore your intuition because of the name of the Mala.

Rose quartz is long associated with love and most notably love within a marriage. It is however, the stone of universal love. This implies all love in all forms. The artist creates with love in mind as well. This is the stone of harmony. If you have experienced anger or frustration in regards to fertility, it will also assist in clearing anger when you are willing to forgive yourself. Rose Quartz above all else, is a purifier and aids in healing of blood flow.

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